KS The Man Who Smiled Too Much

a workshop and a concert-lecture mostly about Kurt Schwitters

written and directed by Pasquale Polidori


performed by

Steve Natterstad
Tianji Xu
Pasquale Polidori


Luigi Battisti
Simone Compagno
Claudia Melica
Jacopo Natoli

the workshop and the conference-concert were structured and realized with the assistance of

Arianna Desideri

who also edited the archive materials and the textual documentation

all videos were made with the assistance of

Enrico Colantoni

who made the video and photographic documentation of the performance

with the kind collaboration of Monkey Video Lab


more photographic documentation included in this website is due to the kind work and participation of

Patrizia Bonanzinga
Tommaso Mlynarczyk
Andreea Nedelcu

thanks to

Arianna Bonori
Francesca D’Andrea
Francesca Gallo
Cesare Grassi
Beatrice Peria
Irene Ranzato
Marco Santarelli
Gianluca Sensale
Daniele Villa Zorn

Macro Asilo Museum
Cecilia Pecorelli
Monkey Video Lab


Unless otherwise indicated, texts on this website are by Pasquale Polidori, translated into English by Sabrina Pezzopane and Santain Tavella, thanks to Mary Desmond and Irene Ranzato for helping.

The piano pieces were performed by Steve Natterstad, who also supported the project and was a kind and constant source of reference when choosing and theming Broadway standards.



© Pasquale Polidori, Rome 2019/20