May 28th,29th and 30th from 3.30 to 6.30 pm


UR-language; the promise of a sense-without-meaning as a love-without-ending token ; undoing language is undoing death; Over The Rainbow.

[ psalm ]

SINCE we understood that meaning CANNOT BE ELIMINATED from the work of art OUR LIFE HAS NOT changed at all WHICH MAKES US THINK that the question OF MEANING in the work of art HAS NO consequences on life YET we can never stop missing OUR VERY SWEET GHOST and we feel so much pain BECAUSE love with ghosts has a high price OH YES we have learned at our expense THAT the unimaginable exists AND POSSESSES US oh sweetest nail NAIL GROWN OF THOUGHT we implore you PLEASE REMOVE the poison from things SOON and emphrase them PLEASE HELP US TO MATCH the ghost with the breath WITH THE BREATH OF THE GAZE we will never STOP giving blood TO LINGUISTIC BODIES never stop COPULATING WITH SYMBOLIC linguistic INSIGNIFICANCE because insignificance IS THE ONLY SOLUTION to MELANCHOLY the allegory dominates ABSOLUTELY the symbolic skin NO ONE CAN EVER save themselves FROM A SLIPPERY SKY the powerlessness of the expression IS NOT a tragedy BE the happy servants OF THE EMPTY COMPOSITIONS great love REJECTS specific MEANING